Intellectual autopilots for warehouse vehicles


tow tractor robot

Stand-alone robotic tractor to automate the repetitive movement of materials and goods in production factories and warehouses.

Forklift robot

Unmanned forklift truck with adaptive behavior technologies for efficient pallet handling in warehouses with heavy traffic of people and vehicles.

reach truck robot

Robotic high-lift truck for racking systems and pallet stacking.

Autopilot for any kind of vehicle

We can automate any kind of electrical equipment regardless of OEM. Contact us — we will tell you more!


Robotics system for automation of cargo movement in warehouses and production facilities:
Working in difficult conditions

Efficient functioning in heavy traffic among machines, cargo and people.

Quick and easy implementation

Saving existing processes. Integration with WMS/ERP.

intralogistic processes optimization

Automation of most floor and vertical cargo movements.

absolute safety for staff

The certified system ensures the safety of personnel and property.

Our clients

  • Volkswagen


    In 2019 and 2020, RoboCV implemented the largest internal logistics robotization project in Russia at the Volkswagen Group Rus automotive factory in Kaluga.  Now as many as 33 tractor robots provide reliable, timely and safe transportation of automotive components from production warehouses to the assembly line. Each robot tractor moves a train of several trolley trailers along various internal routes up to several kilometers in length. An online robot monitoring system allows Volkswagen Group Rus employees to remotely monitor the parts of delivery process. Reducing the influence of the human factor on the intralogistics of the enterprise allows to increase the stability of the whole production process and exclude the influence of a number of other negative factors.

    We express our gratitude to the management and employees of Volkswagen Group Rus for their trust and choice of RoboCV company as a partner for robotization of their logistic processes. We hope for the development of our successful cooperation!

    Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest automotive companies. It consists of: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley, Man, Scania, Porsche, Ducati.

  • Gazpromneft Supply

    Gazpromneft logo

    GazpromNeft Supply is a major logistics operator for companies in the fuel and energy sector.

    Automation of logistics processes for moving pallet cargo inside the warehouse by robots:

    • acceptance and shipment of pallets;
    • movement of pallets between buffers;
    • installation and collection of pallets in racks.

    During 2018-2019 projects, stacker robots were launched at Gazprom Neft Supply warehouses in Khanty-Mansiysk and the Moscow Refinery.

    Gazpromneft logo
    Gazpromneft Supply
  • Pyaterochka

    pyaterochka logo

    Pyaterochka is Russia’s largest grocery store chain, part of the X5 Retail Group holding.

    In 2019 the transportation process in the warehouses of Pyaterochka distribution center in Noginsk (Moscow region) was robotized by robotic stacker robots.

    pyaterochka logo
  • Samsung

    Samsung logo

    The Samsung factory in Kaluga produces 100% of all TVs sold in Russia, as well as monitors and washing machines under the Samsung brand.

    In 2014 processes of delivery of finished products from the assembly line to the warehouse by tractor robots was robotized.

    Samsung logo
  • FM Logistic

    FM Logistic logo

    FM Logistic is a major international 3PL operator (Third Party Logistics), one of the leaders in the Russian logistics market.

    The process of transporting pallets from the receiving area to racks is automated. Stacker robots automatically detect the location of pallets, scan their barcodes and request information about the address of the storage cell in the rack in WMS. Leaving the pallet near the rack, the robot hands over the task of lifting this load to the forklift operator.

    In 2017 the warehouses in the village of Sidorovo (Moscow Region) have been robotised.

    FM Logistic logo
    FM Logistic
  • Russian Product

    Russian Product logo

    «Russian Product» is a large Russian producer of grocery products.

    At the plant «Russian Product» in the Kaluga region in 2019 robotized the process of transporting finished products on pallets from production conveyors to the warehouse by robotic stackers.

    Russian Product logo
    Russian Product
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