Tow Tractor Robot

Autonomous robotic tractor for automation of repetitive movements of materials and goods in manufacturing enterprises and warehouses.

Tow tractor RoboCV Specification

  • Dimensions, m (L * W * H): 1.6 * 0.8 * 2.2
  • Weight, kg: 1220
  • Payload, kg: up to 5000
  • Maximum speed, m / s: 2.2
  • Power Source: Li-Ion / Pb Battery
  • Battery Charge Method: Change / Recharge
  • Operating Mode: 24/7
  • Navigation accuracy, cm: 5
  • Minimum width of passage for a 180° turn, m: 2.9
  • Minimum road width for max. speed, m .: 2.9
The principle of operation of tow tractor robots.

Tow-tractors carry goods on carts (trailers), moving along predetermined routes from one stop point to another. A robot can contain several different driving routes at the same time. The maximum speed of a tow-tractor is 2.2 m/s, the settings allow you to adjust the speed of the robot on any part of the route.

Possible actions of the tow-tractor at the stop-point:
  • Robot waits for a manual activation to move to the next stop-point;
  • Robot stays a certain time, after it – goes on moving.
  • Robot waits for a signal from the IT system with information about next stop-point to move to.
Tow Tractor Robot

During waiting at a stop-point, it is possible to attach/detach carts to the robot or load/unload these carts without detaching them. Loading and unloading of carts can be implemented in manual or automatic mode.

Crossroads and narrow sections.

The robot gives way to vehicles and other robots when passing intersections. You can set a temporary restriction on the passage of a certain section of the route for all or some robots, for example, if it is necessary two robots to pass a long narrow section of the route or a difficult intersection. Robots will pass it one by one, receiving permission from server.

In case if the robot route runs through the rail section of the conveyor the passing can be blocked for robot by server while the platform travels along the conveyor.

Drive through the automatic gate.

Robots can drive through automatic gates. No need for additional adjustment.

Dimensions and amount of trolleys (trailers).

Tow-tractors can carry a multi-cart train and the width of the carts can be few meters. The maximum number of trolleys and maximum width depends on the specific operating conditions: the type of the load, the width of the driveways. A robot without trolleys makes a U-turn in a passage 2,9 meters wide. The width of the passage for a turn with trolleys depends on their size and number.