About us

The goal of RoboCV is to create robotic systems for a wide range of routine logistics tasks within warehouses, factories and distribution centers; to create cloud solutions for processing a variety of input data, integration of stand-alone mobile robots, loading equipment, vehicles, personnel, sensors, information into an intelligent optimizer of logistics tasks in the form of a superstructure over existing systems WMS, ERP, e-commerce.

The RoboCV team has unique competencies in computer and machine vision, routing, business processes, logistics optimization, robots, IoT Cloud, AR/VR, machine learning, LIDAR and radio engineering. Our research team consists of PhD of physical, mathematical and economic sciences, who have experience in CERN, NASA/JSA/ESA.

We at RoboCV are very attentive to all details in our work. However, it is easy to identify the basic foundation elements that are critical to success:

  • An excellent understanding of the needs of end customers. Since its foundation in 2013, we have implemented several complex industrial projects with clients such as Samsung, Volkswagen, FM Logistic, Gazpromneft Supply, Pyaterochka. This experience has allowed us to deeply understand what a solution suitable for an end customer should look like.
  • World-class technological competencies in the key areas of autonomous motion: navigation, data integration, computer vision, optimal control, interaction between machines and people, autonomous controllability and complex material processing under dynamically changing structured conditions.
  • Our research team includes ambitious young graduates from leading Russian universities as well as PhDs with unique knowledge and competencies.
  • We and our employees are confident in the sustainability of the company and this allows us to focus on the really important aspects of improving our products.
  • We are ambitious, inquisitive, and blurring the existing boundaries of advanced technology concepts perfectly.

RoboCV is just over 7 years old, which is very little by our industry standards. However, during this time we have been able to go from 4 people in a small room and a prototype based on a toy car to a company that has world-class technology, a unique product and a clear understanding of the way forward.

Our goal is to make the automation of intralogistics accessible, and thus mass. We are confident that this task is among those that are making a difference in this world — and thus we are on the right track.

Robocv team

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