System for the safety of people and property.

The RoboCV robot security system is based on sensors and components from manufacturers of certified safety equipment. All robot safety components meet the EU safety requirements (EU 42/2006 Machinery Directive) and are certified by tests (CE TUV Rheinland). The safety system equipment complies with the standards: EN 13849-1 (Pld), IEC 62061 (SIL CL2), IEC 61508 (SIL 2), IEC 61496-3 (Type 3), C UL US AOPDDR 17LL.

The robot is equipped with lidars, programmed with sets of safety zones in various configurations for braking and stopping when an obstacle is detected on the way. The figure shows approximate shapes of the stacker robot’s safety zones for forward and right-hand travel. The dimensions of the zones depend on the steering wheel position and are proportional to the stopping distance of the robot: the higher the speed, the larger the safety zones.

Approximate shapes of the safety zones of the stacker robot when moving forward and when turning right

Lidar response time — 80 ms, scanning plane at a height of ~20 cm parallel to the floor. Reverse movement is limited to 0.3 m/s in accordance with safety requirements of US and EU standards: ANSI / ITSDF B56.5-2012 and EU EN 1525 and additionally controlled by auxiliary sensors and accompanied by loud sound signals. Reliability of the security system is achieved by duplicating the data transmission channel for each of the lidars and self-test algorithms for each channel.

All robots are equipped with emergency stop buttons.