Integration and launch of robots

At RoboCV we know how important it is to maintain optimal logistics and business processes for our customers. That’s why we carefully integrate our robots into our customers’ well-established business ecosystem, minimizing the need for any changes in infrastructure and processes.

Launching robots and their integration into logistic processes and IT system is a simple and fast process (from 2 months) and does not require stopping the operating activity of the enterprise.

Stages of robot integration:

  • production and delivery of robots;
  • building a map of the territory where the robots operate;
  • setting up the work area: the position of pallets, roads, parking lots;
  • integration with WMS/ERP;
  • staff training;
  • testing and commissioning.
  • Integration timelines are individual for each project.
Composition of the robotic solution:
  • server X-MOTION Cloud;
  • Wi-fi infrastructure;
  • robot grouping;
  • management and monitoring interfaces.
Server tasks:
  • optimal distribution of tasks for robots;
  • online monitoring of robots and processes;
  • integration with WMS/ERP;
  • data collection for business intelligence;
  • emergency shutdown of all robots.
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