RoboCV develops flexible intellectual autopilots for forklifts for automated transportaion of pallets within a warehouse.

Before the RoboCV company our team took part in Google’s Lunar X-PRIZE competition. In 2012, after the competition, we focused gained experience to a more “Earth” application – adaptive autopilot technologies for industrial vehicles. RoboCV’s goal is to create robotic systems that can replace people in the routine and unproductive tasks of intra-warehouse logistics. The X-MOTION NG system developed by our company allows you to cost-effectively automate the shipping of pallet goods. Our annual sales of forklifts that have the ability to become automated amount to more than 250 thousand units, so this objective is really ambitious. However, a simple formulation of the problem at hand exposes a large number of difficulties that need to be overcome in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. That is why the main value and asset of our company is the RoboCV team.

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RoboCV X-MOTION NG solution is aimed to an automation of the horizontal pallets movement within the FMCG distribution centres and warehouses. Implementation is very easy and does not require any change of existent client processes. Our robots are targeted to work in high traffic of other machines and people – these distinct advantages made us the most attractive solution on the AGVs market.

Our solution consists of a regular electrical forklift equipped with autopilot system by RoboCV, and cloud-based service which optimizes task distribution among robots in real time. Integration with local WMS system is possible. The unique advanced technologies of RoboCV allow robots to work fast and safety alongside humans. Powerful online tools help to implement project painless and quickly.

The main users of RoboCV X-MOTION NG are warehouse operators (3PL), retail companies, and other companies with an interest in improving the efficiency of their warehouse processes.


How it works?

How it works