RoboCV X-MOTION NG is a multifunctional system designed to automate all types of floor movements for pallet goods at warehouses. The system consists of an electric pallet truck and an intelligent automation system (RoboCV AUTOPILOT) that allows it to work offline without a driver. In addition, you can implement a client-server module for the centralized control and monitoring of robotic tasks and their conditions, as well as integrate it with external IT systems.

This solution enables the automation of up to 70 % of all warehouse processes avoiding, meanwhile, a complex and expensive implementation procedure and the related global changes in intralogistics processes.

The main users of RoboCV X-MOTION NG are warehouse operators (3PL), retail companies, and other companies with an interest in improving the efficiency of their warehouse processes.

Typical automatic movements include:

What makes X-MOTION NG different from other solutions:


* video is also available here