RoboCV X-MOTION NG solution is aimed to an automation of the horizontal pallets movement within the FMCG distribution centres and warehouses. Implementation is very easy and does not require any change of existent client processes. Our robots are targeted to work in high traffic of other machines and people – these distinct advantages made us the most attractive solution on the AGVs market.

Our solution consists of a regular electrical forklift equipped with autopilot system by RoboCV, and cloud-based service which optimizes task distribution among robots in real time. Integration with local WMS system is possible. The unique advanced technologies of RoboCV allow robots to work fast and safety alongside humans. Powerful online tools help to implement project painless and quickly.
How it works?
Collect a map
Warehouse visual map has to be created. It is a pretty fast and simple process - for this you only need to move a robot one time through all the warehouse manually, while it collects a data.
Create virtual roads and objects
After the map is calculated, a layout of virtual objects (roads, pallets, etc) should be created, using user-friendly web service. Also you can sync the objects with WMS or other external system.
Connect robots
The required number of forklifts are to be equipped with the autopilot subsystem (sensors, computer with the software). Then, all the robots should be connected to a cloud-based RoboCV server.
Create tasks
User may create tasks for robots manually, using forecasting for the time of tasks execution. Also tasks can be created automatically by event or external WMS system.
Control results
For completed tasks user can generate Excel reports, as well as analyze current and finished tasks using comprehensive statistics, real time representation on the map and smaprtphone App.
Major International 3PL operator
The goal of the project is to reduce personnel costs and improve operation quality by introducing 2 automated pallet trucks to handle two types of processes: picking and transportation of pallets from the first tier of shelves to gates (unloading) and transportation of pallets from gates to shelves (loading). The project consists of implementation of the X-MOTION NG solution, which includes 2 AGVs and cloud client-server software for the automation of 2 warehouse processes mentioned above. The project is currently in the process of implementation. For the automation of the 1st process (transportation of pallets from the first tier of shelves to gates) the WMS system of the warehouse generates transportation tasks containing only 1st tier pallets. For the automation of the 2nd process (transportation pallets from gates to shelves) system operator creates tasks that only indicate gate number. Then, the robots automatically define the location of pallets next to the gates, scan their barcodes, and request a target space on the shelves from the WMS system. Having left the pallet near the shelf next to the target space, the robot transfers the task for lifting that pallet to a reach truck operator via the operator’s personal interface – a Tablet PC, mounted on the reach truck, which provides the tasks to the operator. The project supposes an opportunity to further expand the number of AGV without any additional adjustments and implementations. This possibility of the gradual scaling the number of robots and automated processes is a distinctive advantage of the solution X-MOTION NG, which allows to make the implementation incrementally, thereby minimizing the risks for the customer.
RoboCV’s mission is creating autonomous mobile robotic systems for a wide variety of high frequency repeatable tasks of intra-warehouse and distribution centers logistics. Our ultimate goal is creating cloud platforms, receiving and processing variety of inputs, integrating robotics, existing vehicles, personnel , sensors, data into smart optimizer for logistic tasks in value-add layers over existing WMS, ERP, e-commerce, asset visibility and FM. The first product platform, unique X-MOTION NG system, developed by our company and tested in various scenarios by major global companies (Samsung, Volkswagen, FM Logistic, top 10 Retailers) allows cost-effective automation of the shipping of pallet goods. RoboCV team has unique competencies in computer and machine vision, optimization and routing, business processes and logistics optimization, motion controls, algorithms, mobile robotics, firmware, IoT Cloud, AR/VR, Voice biometrics, Machine learning, LIDARs and RF/MW. We have PhDs from elite physics, math and economics institutions who worked for CERN, NASA/JSA/ESA.
History of RoboCV
MARCH 10, 2017
RoboCV participated in Volkswagen conference “Autonomous driving within inhouse logistics systems” in Wolfsburg, Germany
RoboCV team participated with presentation and detailed discussion in Volkswagen Supllier day in Wolfsburg, Germany. The conference is organized for scouting and identifying current technologies of AGV systems in comparison to VW requirements for future transport processes. The main goal of the event was to establish an expert dialog between key suppliers and VW specialists for logistics planning. The discussion was focused on how to realize autonomous driving systems in logistics transport processes, especially in facilities and between buildings in a factory. This also includes the communication between AGVs, foundries and production management systems. The presentation of RoboCV for top level of Volkswagen management took more than one hour in addition to very constructive discussion. At the same time RoboCV is expanding deployments in VW Russia factory, at present discussioning use cases for more AGVs in the plant. So far RoboCV already have deployed two autonomous vehicles to the VW Russia. One month earlier President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin met Volkswagen Chief Executive Matthias Mueller in Moscow and said he was ready to help the German car giant develop its business in Russia at a time of sliding sales and weak demand. Putin said he understood the challenges the car maker faced in Russia, where the country’s once-booming auto market has fallen victim to a sustained economic downturn. “We are very happy that your business as a whole is doing well, although we understand there are certain difficulties,” Putin said after the meeting, a rare face-to-face between the Russian leader and a major European industrialist.  
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