RoboCV develops flexible intellectual autopilots for forklifts for automated transportaion of pallets within a warehouse.

Before the RoboCV company our team took part in Google’s Lunar X-PRIZE competition. In 2012, after the competition, we focused gained experience to a more “Earth” application – adaptive autopilot technologies for industrial vehicles. RoboCV’s goal is to create robotic systems that can replace people in the routine and unproductive tasks of intra-warehouse logistics. The X-MOTION NG system developed by our company allows you to cost-effectively automate the shipping of pallet goods. Our annual sales of forklifts that have the ability to become automated amount to more than 250 thousand units, so this objective is really ambitious. However, a simple formulation of the problem at hand exposes a large number of difficulties that need to be overcome in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. That is why the main value and asset of our company is the RoboCV team.

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RoboCV X-MOTION NG solution is aimed to an automation of the horizontal pallets movement within the FMCG distribution centres and warehouses. Implementation is very easy and does not require any change of existent client processes. Our robots are targeted to work in high traffic of other machines and people – these distinct advantages made us the most attractive solution on the AGVs market.

Our solution consists of a regular electrical forklift equipped with autopilot system by RoboCV, and cloud-based service which optimizes task distribution among robots in real time. Integration with local WMS system is possible. The unique advanced technologies of RoboCV allow robots to work fast and safety alongside humans. Powerful online tools help to implement project painless and quickly.


The main users of RoboCV X-MOTION NG are warehouse operators (3PL), retail companies, and other companies with an interest in improving the efficiency of their warehouse processes.


How it works?

How it works


Selected customers


Major International 3PL operator

The goal of the project is to reduce personnel costs and improve operation quality by introducing 2 automated pallet trucks to handle two types of processes: picking and transportation of pallets from the first tier of shelves to gates (unloading) and transportation of pallets from gates to shelves (loading).

The project consists of implementation of the X-MOTION NG solution, which includes 2 AGVs and cloud client-server software for the automation of 2 warehouse processes mentioned above. The project is
currently in the process of implementation. For the automation of the 1st process (transportation of pallets from the first tier of shelves to gates) the WMS system of the warehouse generates transportation tasks containing only 1st tier pallets. For the automation of the 2nd process (transportation pallets from gates to shelves) system operator creates tasks that only indicate gate number. Then, the robots automatically define the location of pallets next to the gates, scan their barcodes, and request a target space on the shelves from the WMS system. Having left the pallet near the shelf next to the target space, the robot transfers the task for lifting that pallet to a reach truck operator via the operator’s personal interface – a Tablet PC, mounted on the reach truck, which provides the tasks to the operator.

The project supposes an opportunity to further expand the number of AGV without any additional adjustments and implementations. This possibility of the gradual scaling the number of robots and
automated processes is a distinctive advantage of the solution X-MOTION NG, which allows to make the implementation incrementally, thereby minimizing the risks for the customer.


Automation of components transportation from the production warehouse to the conveyor. Increase of accuracy and synchronization of components delivery, increase of safety for personnel, loads and the operations. The estimated ROI period of the project is 2 years


A project at Samsung’s Russian factory in Kaluga region (SERK) with successful robotization of 6 electric warehouse vehicles. The vehicles were outfitted with the X-MOTION intellectual autopilot system, developed by RoboCV. Thanks to this system, 6 warehouse vehicles are now able to function and move around the warehouse and the factory fully autonomously in driverless mode, and they are fully integrated into the intra-logistics processes of the factory.

The project was implemented as part of a consistent strategic move of the factory management towards intra-logistics costs optimization and labor productivity enhancement. The performance of the RoboCV X-MOTION autopilot system has fully satisfied the customer. Now, a full-scale robotization project is being planned for the rest of Samsung’s warehouse vehicles at Kaluga factory.



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Established in 2005, I2BF Global Ventures is an international clean technology venture capital firm with a global investment mandate.
The mission of I2BF Global Ventures is to seek out innovative and competitive companies across the clean technology space, targeting sectors and technologies it believes can lead the path to a “Brighter Future”.
In keeping with its worldwide investment focus, further to the team in New York, I2BF Global Ventures retains a team of technology and sector experts including renewable energy researchers in London, Moscow, Dubai and Astana to ensure a truly global venture capital strategy and a hands-on management approach.
Almaz Capital Russia Fund I, L.P specializes in startup, early venture, and mid venture investments. It prefers to invest in the information technology, media, software, Internet services, cloud based companies, semi-conductors, digital media and communications, clean-technology, and alternative energy, and telecommunications sectors.
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Leta Capital venture firm has grown from investment strategy of Leta Group – group of successful IT-companies. Investment areas: IT and Internet technologies for different economical sectors based on strong R&D, mostly in b2b area, which can disrupt existing market or make it more efficient, such as Business Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning approach, AI-based technologies for different industries,Traditional business process optimization or replacement, Robotics for business (logistics, production, etc.). Investment rounds; Late Seed and Early grow stages.
Columbus Nova is an investment company centered in New York City. The company is a multi-strategy investment firm with over $15 billion USD of assets in its own funds and affiliated portfolio companiesColumbus Nova is the U.S.-based affiliate of the Renova Group of companies, one of the largest Russian strategic investors in the metallurgical, oil, machine engineering, mining, chemical, construction, housing, utilities and financial sectors.