Reach Truck Robot

According to our plans, the work on the reach truck robot is to be completed soon.

Autopilot for any kind of vehicles

At RoboCV we are able to automate any kind of electrical equipment regardless of OEM. Adaptation of the equipment and the control software for a new kind of technics takes from 1 month. We can either supply you with ready-made robots on a turnkey basis, or install a set of equipment and software autopilot on[…]

Forklift Robot

Autonomous forklift robot with adaptive behavior technologies for efficient work for moving pallets in warehouses with heavy traffic of people and vehicles. Forklift RoboCV Specification Specifications: Dimensions, m (L * W * H): 2.1 * 1.1 * 3 Weight, kg: 1200 Payload, kg: 1400 Maximum speed, m/s: 2 Lifting height, m: 7 * Power Source:[…]

Tow Tractor Robot

Autonomous robotic tractor for automation of repetitive movements of materials and goods in manufacturing enterprises and warehouses. Tow tractor RoboCV Specification Specifications: Dimensions, m (L * W * H): 1.6 * 0.8 * 2.2 Weight, kg: 1220 Payload, kg: up to 5000 Maximum speed, m / s: 2.2 Power Source: Li-Ion / Pb Battery Battery[…]