Команда RoboCV

RoboCV’s goal is to create robotic systems that can replace people in the routine and unproductive tasks of intra-warehouse logistics. The X-MOTION NG system developed by our company allows you to cost-effectively automate the shipping of pallet goods. Our annual sales of forklifts that have the ability to become automated amount to more than 250 thousand units, so this objective is really ambitious. However, a simple formulation of the problem at hand exposes a large number of difficulties that need to be overcome in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. That is why the main value and asset of our company is the RoboCV team.

At RoboCV, we are extremely attentive to the details of our work. However, there are also certain basic elements that are critically important to achieving success. They include:

  • An excellent understanding of which customer needs truly matter. In its 3-year history, our company has completed several industrial projects with such clients as Samsung and Volkswagen, more than ten test and pilot projects, and the number of stores that have invited RoboCV experts to assess their processes by now numbers over one-hundred. This wealth of experience has given us a deep understanding of what a solution completely tailored to the end customer should look like.
  • World-class technological competence in key areas of automated movement: navigation, data aggregation, computer vision, optimal control. Our research team has more than 15 people, including both young and ambitious graduates of leading Russian universities, and accomplished PhDs. RoboCV encourages research participation in major international scientific conferences, because we are committed to the fact that the cutting-edge world of scientific research can solve advanced technological problems only with the close cooperation of parties across the board.
  • Good financing that allows for the formulation of medium and long-term plans for technological development and creates an advanced logistics and manufacturing base. The company’s investors are some of the largest Russian and international venture capital funds, and support is also provided by the Skolkovo fund. Our whole staff believes in the sustainability of the company, and we only focus on the most important aspects of how to improve our products.

RoboCV was founded a little more than three years ago, which is very new by our industry’s standards. However, during this time, we were able to grow from a team of four employees sitting in a small room with a prototype comparable to a toy car, to a company that boasts world-class technology, a unique product, and a clear awareness of our future of development. Our goal is to make the automation of intralogistics processes available on a mass scale. We are confident that this is a goal that can change the world for the better – so, we can safely say that we are on the right track.

RoboCV’s history

  • January 2012 — RoboCV Co. is founded.
  • March 2012 — The Company becomes a member of the Skolkovo innovation centre.
  • October 2012 — Creation of the demonstration prototype, a four-wheeled platform that moved around the office automatically.
  • May 2013 — Formation of the company’s strategy to create autopilot navigation systems for the warehouse industry. USD 500 thousand in investments raised.
  • October 2013 — The first automated robot truck prototype.
  • December 2013 — The first batch of intelligent robotic trucks debuted at the Russian Samsung factory.
  • September 2014 — A pilot project at the Russian Volkswagen plant and the conclusion of the contract to supply the first batch of robots.
  • October 2014 — Creation of the first prototype of an automated pallet truck.
  • February 2015 — Round A investment of $3 million.

    “RoboCV, a developer of intelligent autopilot systems, received a second round of investments totaling $3 million (…). The fund managed by I2BF GlobalVentures became the anchor investment, being responsible for more than half of the total investment (…). In addition, VTB Capital Investment Management, ColumbusNova, AlmazCapital, and the previous investor LetaCapital also co-financed the company.”

    VEDOMOSTI (rus)

  • April 2015 — The first batch of intelligent robotic trucks is introduced at the Russian Volkswagen plant. The project’s main objective is to automate the delivery of vehicle parts from the warehouse to the production line. (Video).
  • June 2015 — A successful pilot project to automate order picking for Russia’s largest retailer. This warehouse process is responsible for acquiring the set of products ordered by a retail store for shipment. During the selection process, the WMS system sends information on the warehouse location of the next product in the order both to the robot and the operator / picker. The operator / picker in this case is only responsible for collecting the order, and does not have to waste time driving carts between picking points and replacing the cart after picking is completed. (Video).
  • August 2015 — The X-MOTION NG prototype was created and tested at the warehouse of a major Russian 3PL operator.
  • September 2015 — Work on the release of X-MOTION NG is in full effect, and the scheduled date is February 2016.